Adirondack Chapter Meeting Minutes - May 24, 2022

[Source: ADK Chapter] The May 24, 2022, meeting of Adirondack Chapter, AFNYST was held at Troop B Headquarters, Ray Brook, NY. Attending the meeting were ROSANNA CLARK, RICK ELLIS, B.G.LAPLANTE, JOHN ODELL, KEVIN MULVERHILL, TERRY MAGUIRE, BOB CRONIN, D. TORRY HOFFMAN, MARILYN ELDRIDGE, LOUISE LaFOUNTAIN, PHIL ARSENAULT, WAYNE BAILEY, SEAN DONOVAN, GREG HABERSTRO, PETER ARCADI, JACK PELKEY, CHARLES AND ELINOR GUESS, JOHN TIBBITTS, JAY MINER, JAY COOK, LIANE COLBY, AND DONNA SAVAGE (24 members and guests) The meeting was called to order by JOHN D. ODELL, President at 10:25AM. The following Officers were present: JOHN ODELL, President, ROBERT CRONIN, Vice President, GREGORY HABERSTRO Acting Secretary/Clerk. The pledge of Allegiance was recited and a moment of silence for our Departed Brothers and sisters followed. Treasurer's Report: Was distributed, Motion to accept by SEAN DONOVAN, Seconded by ROBERT CRONIN -- Carried Minutes of last meeting : None FINAL PATROL: RICHARD GARCIA, WAYNE TWINING, LEIGH HUNT, EDWARD STASKO, TOM GIBBONS. OTHER PASSINGS: DIANE TIMMONS, RICHARD “DICK” JONES (Father of PAT JONES), JOHN PHILLIPS (Father of JACK PHILLIPS), FLORENCE ROCK (Mother of MARY DUPELL). SICK LEAVE: JOHN WELCH, DAVID DONAH, HOWARD CARON, PAT MITCHELL. OLD BUSINESS : None MEMBER APPLICATIONS: None NEW BUSINESS: - Need a volunteer for the position of Secretary ASAP. - Discussion on Adirondack Chapter Scholarships. LIANE COLBY to assist. - VP ROBERT CRONIN discussed the Tour De Force fund raiser and requested a donation. $500 donation motion by B.G. LaPLANTE, seconded by GREG HABERSTRO – Carried. - A Golf Tournament at Craig Wood is tentatively scheduled for September. More information to follow. - Discussion on North Country Honor Flight resulted in a motion for a $200 donation by SEAN DONOVAN, seconded by JOHN TIBBITS – Carried. Former Troop B Commanders in attendance and recognized by President ODELL: - RICHARD SMITH - CHARLES GUESS - JOHN TIBBITTS Next meeting: MALONE GOLF CLUB, THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2022. 50-50 raffle B.G LaPLANTE $64.00 Motion to adjourn : By JACK PELKEY, 2nd by PETER ARCADI Carried at 10:45AM. MEMORIAL DAY SERVICES FOLLOWED MEETING. GREGORY HABERSTRO, Acting Secretary/Clerk

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