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Batavia Chapter Monthly Minutes, 2022-11-16

---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Kathy Hartman <> Date: Fri, Nov 25, 2022 at 12:10 PM Subject: Batavia Chapter Monthly Minutes The November Meeting of the AFNYST Batavia Chapter and Annual Pork Chop Dinner was held Wednesday the 16th at the Polish Falcons Club on Swan St., Batavia. Members gathered before for social hour followed by the always delicious, mouthwatering pork chop dinner. Meeting was opened at 7:36pm by President Louie Lang with the pledge, and prayer for our sick and departed members and especially for our active members in Law Enforcement and those in the military. Acknowledged attending were: Special guests – widows of members – Murieo Burns, wife of the late Bob Burns, Shirley Parmenter, wife of Rick Parmenter, Brenda Cackett, wife of the late Jim Cackett and Gretchen Lang, wife of the late Dick Lang. New Members introduced: New Associate’s – Teresea Ferris, retired civilian – Troop “A” Major’s Secretary and Sgt. Mike Hockey, Troop “A”, presently head of TIM, Traffic Incident Management. Barb Kosciolek and the ladies from the Polish Falcons were thanked for the dinner and Barb was given the annual donation as a thank you for the use of the club. Treasurer Kathy Hartman gave an accounting of the treasury and that we are stable and will be collecting dues at the end of the meeting. The Chapter has 79 Members, 34 Associates, 1 Honorary, with a Chapter strength of 114. A motion made to accept the Treasurer’s report was made by Zepher Raymond, 2nded by Steve Grochowski and passed. Secretary Mike Bruggman reported that the Niagara Chapter was having it’s Christmas Party December 9th at the Grapevine Banquets in Depew. Vice President Gary spoke of the PBA Board and it’s clearing of problems. Signal 30 and the possibility of present retirees may qualify. About reduction of nursing homes and lack of skilled nursing. PBA dental and eyeglasses coverage and the provider change. The State meeting to be held November 19, 2022. Working on a new charter where civilians can vote at chapter meetings and hold offices of secretary and treasurer. Henry Haas gave an update on member Jim Hoffman who is presently at a local nursing home and that he was in good health. Al Kurek spoke about the Military display that was set up for a week in the windows of the Next Level Building on Main St. Batavia. He said he had to get a boy mannequin to put Louie Lang’s 60’s Navy uniform on. Of course, everyone laughed at that. 50/50 held and won by Ken Kopacz and he donated half of it back for Crossroads House. Next meeting Wednesday, January 18, 2023. Motion to close by Mick Schrader, 2nded by Henry Haas and passed. Closed 7:56pm.

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