CD Chapter Meeting Minutes 10/20/21

Association of Former New York State Troopers

MINUTES of the Capital District Chapter Meeting Date: October 20, 2021

Call to Order: A regular meeting of the Capital District Chapter of the AFNYST was held at the Saratoga-Wilton Elks, One Elks Lane, Saratoga Springs, NY. The meeting convened at 7:15 P.M, President Walt Marchewka presiding, and was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence for our departed Members.

Members and Guests in attendance: (29) Pete Bentley, Don Britten, Don Ernst, Brent Gillam, Pat Gleason, Wayne Hulslander, Jack Kolach, Bob Lewis, Curt Lohrey, Howard Madsen, Walt Marchewka, Eric Meybaum, Ben Moran, Bill Murray, Steve Nieves, Jim Neumann, Dan Penny, Cash Phillips, Nancy Poulin, Charlie Redmond, Fred Scheidt, Charlie Simmons, Kathy Simmons, Jerri Stover, Kern Swoboda, Bill Thobae, Mike Wells, Doug Wingate, Mike Wright

Sick Call: None reported.

Final Patrol: Howard Fronk - 08/21/2021

Henry G. Youngblood - 10/17/2021

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve the September, 2021 minutes was made by Bill Murray and seconded by Steve Nieves. Motion carried.

Approval of Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was read out by Nancy Poulin. Motion to approve was made by Bob Lewis and seconded. Motion carried.

Officer’s Reports:

President Nothing to report.

Vice-President Advised that volunteers were needed for the Treasurer’s Audit Committee. Dan Penny and Doug Wingate graciously volunteered.

Treasurer Nothing to report.

Secretary Nothing to report.

Board and Committee Reports: None.

Old Business: Charitable Donations 07/21/2021 Charlie Simmons proposed that the Chapter make a standing monthly donation of $100 to one charity a month. The charity would be from a compiled list of charities approved by the Chapter for the upcoming year. The one criteria being that the selected charities’ administrative costs be less than 10% annually. Motion made by Charlie, and seconded, to approve the donation plan. Motion carried.

09/15/2021 Discussion opened with possible charities and whether or not to have quarterly donations instead of monthly. Discussion then moved to whether or not donations should be made to organizations that directly support retired Members such as the Signal 30 Fund or for the AFNYST to create a similar program to directly aid retirees in need. Bill Murray made a motion to table the subject until after the State Board meeting on 09/18/21. The subject will be brought up to the State board regarding starting a charitable organization. Motion seconded by Charlie Simmons. Motion carried and tabled.

10/20/2021 Bill Murray reported on discussions at the September 18th State Board meeting. The Niagara Frontier Chapter has a foundation, Helping Hands, which is focused primarily on children of first responders. The Niagara representative stated that the topic of taking the foundation to the State level would be brought up at their next meeting. Fred Sceodt reported that he has had discussions with the NYSTPBA regarding expanding the Signal 30 Fund criteria to increase retiree eligibility for Signal 30 assistance. The Niagara Chapter will report back to the State Board at the November meeting. No motions made to reopen. Matter remains tabled.

New Business: None

Good and Welfare: None

50/50: Tom Koskey.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 17, 2021 at the Saratoga-Wilton Elks, One Elks Lane, Saratoga Springs, NY 120202. The dinner/meeting will start at 6:30 P.M. As usual, a social hour at 5:30 P.M. will precede the meeting.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn was made by Don Britten and seconded by Steve Nieves. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:44 PM.

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Secretary Date of approval

AFNYST – Capital District Chapter

AFNYST-CD Chapter 2021-10-20
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