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The December meeting / Christmas party was held on Dec. 14th at Theodore’s Restaurant. Following

our social hour, President Ed Rood read a prayer before our dinner. The prayer was written by

Reverend Stephen Maddox, who was unable to attend this year. After dinner the meeting was opened

by President Rood, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. A moment of silence was held for our sick

and departed members.

The meeting was attended by the following : Mark Wadopian, Nancy Wadopian, Pete Patterson,

Kathy Vernay, Matthew A. Tynan, Janet Bianchini, Dick & Mitzi Lynch, Jack Morlock, Jim Cole, Bob &

Martha Story, Greg Walsh, Mike TenEyck, Joe Domagola, Mike Gilmour & Paula, Lee & Doris Pavlot,

Bob & Pam Haumann, Barbara Schreib, Ken & Kay Kotwas, Ted & Nancy Palmer, Joe Smith, Norm

Denny & Shirley, George Hopper & Sharon, Jeff Brown, Don & Mary Barker, Ed & Lynette Rood.

President Rood acknowledged our past CNY officers that were in attendance : Ken Kotwas, Mike

Gilmour, and Ted Palmer...... and thanked them for their years of service to our chapter.

The Treasurer report was given by George Hopper.

President Rood yielded the floor to Troop D Major Michael S. TenEyck. Major TenEyck thanked us for

inviting him, and said that he did not have much info about anything new in Troop D since he has only

been Major for a few weeks. However, he did state that the biggest issue statewide is recruitment. He

noted that recently 4200 people were called to Albany for processing, and only 600 showed up. The

Major advised that if we know anyone interested in becoming a Trooper that now is the easiest to get

hired. The test is available via computer at about 250 sites across the U.S. including about 50 in NY.

There is more information on the website :

President Rood thanked VP Don Barker, and his wife Mary for picking up items for a raffle. The raffle

was held, with each person in attendance having a ticket to win a prize.

President Rood and Ted Palmer brought up discussion of the NYSP 100th anniversary envelopes we

had made up a few years ago. We have a few hundred of them sitting around, and we are looking for

suggestions as to what to do with them. No ideas were brought up by the members in attendance, so

Ted suggested giving some to Kevin Kailbourne, who uses them when sending correspondence to

the family of deceased members as part of the grave marker program. The discussion led to an

agreement to send 50 to Kevin, and a motion to do so was made by Mark Wadopian and seconded

by Dick Lynch. Motion carried.

The next meeting is scheduled for March 22, 2022....location to be determined.

President Rood thanked everyone for attending, and also thanked the staff of Theodore’s for the meal

and great service.

President Rood ended the meeting by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

DUES REMINDER : It is that time of year again !!! Dues are due...many paid at the December

meeting. Any questions, etc.... Contact Treasurer George Hopper.

Edward Rood - President - 2793 St. Rt. 69 Camden, NY 13316 - 315 245 0825

Don Barker - Vice President - 3 Watkins Ave. Camden, NY 13316 - 315 245 0841

George Hopper - Treasurer - 2096 West Elm St. Oneida, NY 13421 - 315 363 2252

Jeff Brown - Secretary - 819 Miller Rd. West / Westdale, NY 13483 - 315 723 2762

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