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The CNY AFNYST meeting was held on Sept. 21, 2021 at Theodore’s in Canastota. The meeting was opened by President Ed Rood, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. A moment of silence was held for our sick and departed members.

The meeting was attended by : Ted Palmer, Vaughan Lewis, Alvin Wagner, Joe Smith, Sam Serrano, Nick Harmatiuk, Ken Kotwas, Gary Barlow, Dick Vogt, Jim Parmley, Jeff Brown, George Hopper, Don Barker, Ed Rood, Jay Pristash, Pete Patterson, R.J. Weber, Pat Hurrle, Ed Kurish, Philip T. Rougeux, Dick Lynch, and Sam Jess.

The Treasurer report was given by George Hopper.

New member : Arthur L. Broccoli Jr. was voted in as a new member.

President Rood attended the state meeting on September 18th, and advised that there is an

upcoming election of the state board officers. All current officers, with the exception of state secretary Bill Murray, are seeking re-election. President Rood also advised that the IRS situation has been resolved, and it cost $600 to get reinstated with the IRS. President Rood credited the new state treasurer, John Odell, with doing the required work to resolve this with the IRS.

President Rood advised that during the state board meeting the idea of establishing a fund that would assist retired Troopers and their families in a time of need. It was also stated at the state board meeting that this would necessitate the forming of a non profit separate from the Association with its own directors, and function on a statewide basis. President Rood stated that the Niagara chapter has a similar program in place already, focusing on children and appears successful.

The next CNY meeting will be held on Tuesday October 19th at the Roselawn.

The CNY November meeting will be held on Tuesday November16th, location to be determined.

The CNY Christmas party will be held on Tuesday December 14th, at Theodore’s in Canastota. More details will be forthcoming.

CNY elections will be held at the November meeting. Mike Walser is in charge of the nominating committee. If anyone is interested in running for office, contact Mike or one of the officers. Nominations for office will be at the October meeting.

Motion to adjourn by Alvin Wagner, seconded by Sam Jess. Meeting adjourned.

Edward Rood - President - 2793 St. Rt. 69 Camden, NY 13316 - 315 245 0825

Don Barker - Vice President - 3 Watkins Ave. Camden, NY 13316 - 315 245 0841

George Hopper - Treasurer - 2096 West Elm St. Oneida, NY 13421 - 315 363 2252

Jeff Brown - Secretary - 819 Miller Rd. West / Westdale, NY 13483 - 315 723 2762

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