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Contract Survey & Updates from the NYSTPBA Board of Directors

NYSTPBA Newsletter Contract Survey & Updates from the NYSTPBA Board of Directors Contract Surveys The NYSTPBA has compiled surveys for members of the Troopers Unit and Supervisors Unit to complete on a variety of topics that are relevant to health and safety as well as the upcoming contract negotiation session. Your participation is highly encouraged. We will evaluate the survey results, and it is anticipated that we will develop new ideas and strategies from your answers. Please take this survey only if you are an active Trooper, Non-Commissioned Officer or Commissioned Officer. Please do not take this survey if you are a retired member or are in the BCI. Please only take this survey once. The survey links can be found below. Trooper Unit Survey: Supervisor Unit Survey: Hazardous Duty Pay It’s that time of year when NYSTPBA members once again receive the Uniformed Members Hazardous Duty Pay that was negotiated as part of the 2007 – 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement. As per contract Section 10.8(B) “Such Uniformed Members Hazardous Duty pay shall be paid on an annual basis during the pay period that includes December first for those members who were on the payroll on November first of such year…” This payment of $4,734 will be in the Dec. 7, 2022 paycheck. In Memoriam Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of retired Trooper Al Kurek, who passed away on November 22 at the age of 83. Al served on the NYSTPBA Board of Directors as the Troop A Delegate from 1980-1985 and as the Vice President from 1981-1985. A member of the U.S. Marine Corps from 1956-1960, Al became a New York State Trooper in 1962 and mostly served in Batavia until his retirement in 1985. NYSTPBA Store Have you seen our 2022 Christmas Ornament? It features the New York State Seal in gold with a holly berry trim and has a bright gold finish and colorful enamel. The ornament sells for $10 and it can be purchased online or in-person at our store at the PBA’s 120 State Street office in Albany. The store is located on the first floor of the building, next to the legal department. The NYSTPBA store can be contacted by calling 518-462-7448 ext. 113 or by sending an email to To browse the other items including clothing, accessories and collectibles for purchase on the NYSTPBA online store, visit the website at This email is an automated notification, which is unable to receive replies. To send a comment to the NYSTPBA, please contact us at

The Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers 120 State St. Albany, New York 12207 (518) 462-7448

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