Message from NYSTPBA President Tom Mungeer 10/08/2021

NYSTPBA Newsletter Message from NYSTPBA President Tom Mungeer Vaccination Update Earlier this week, I attended a legal seminar sponsored by the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) regarding the legalities of vaccine and testing mandates or any policies that force an employee to reveal his or her vaccination status in the workplace. Nationwide, there have been a litany of legal challenges and thus far this litigation has fallen flat. A group of NYC teachers has banded together, separate from their union, to try to sue the city to stop that mandate. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor denied an emergency injunction last week, but the case is still making its way through federal court, so it will be interesting to see that outcome. As we are not mandated, the favorable terms for weekly testing that we collectively negotiated - on-duty, employer bearing the cost of the test and return postage - will serve us well for any internal challenges against a future vaccine mandate. Mighty Casey has Struck Out Reminiscent of a washed-up professional athlete trying to relive their glory days while at the same time trying to remain relevant, since resigning from office in August former Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been sending missives to supporters. These emails seem to have three themes: reiterating his accomplishments while in office, relitigating the damning attorney general’s report that prompted his resignation and repeating his own claims that the current administration is incompetent. Well, given that NYS Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs has endorsed Gov. Kathy Hochul’s gubernatorial candidacy, and thus far a third of the county chairs have followed suit, it appears unlikely he would have a path to the Executive Mansion. However, maybe he can still mount a political comeback on a local level like a school board or dog control officer. Heck, since he reportedly has been staying in the Hamptons, running for a Suffolk County legislative seat appears to be fashionable these days. Heaven sent you here to this place, Dirk Diggler. You’ve been blessed! (Listen folks, it was a movie prop – it was made of rubber.) Karma It was reported in a New York City publication that a top aide to former Governor Cuomo called then Lt.-Gov. Hochul last January to advise her that she was unceremoniously being dumped from his 2022 re-election ticket because Cuomo believed that a “western New York politician could not shore up his standing with left-wing Democrats who were gaining influence in New York City politics.” I guess the woman from Buffalo is the only one still standing. How do you like them apples? Isn’t That Lovely Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren will resign after accepting the terms of a plea agreement. Her resignation will be effective Dec. 1. Upon hearing the news, I imagine the happiest man in the world is Mike Mazzeo, president of the Rochester Locust Club. Good police work by the NYSP! Policeman to Bugs Bunny: Okay, Clancey. Take the boys and surround the house! Do as I Say, Not as I Do - the Two Sides of Possible Gubernatorial Candidate Bill de Blasio (God Help Us) Oct. 5, 2021 “(NYC SBA ex-President) Ed Mullins dishonored his uniform, his city and his union more times than I can count. It was just a matter of time before his endless hatred would catch up with him. That day has come.” - His response to an FBI raid on the Sergeants Benevolent Association office and Mr. Mullins’ home as part of an ongoing investigation into misappropriation of union funds. Oct. 7, 2021 “I am literally shocked of the number of inaccuracies in this report. I am acting in good faith always. I’ve followed whatever guidance is given me.” - The NYC Department of Investigation found that his NYPD detail was used inappropriately for political or personal purposes. Investigators said their two-yearprobe uncovered “potential violations of the New York City Conflicts of Interest Law, lapses in best practices, corruption vulnerabilities, and inefficient uses of public resources.” Douchebaggery Abounds My sources in Washington, D.C. have advised me that New York Congressman Jerry Nadler, the House Judiciary chairman, has vowed to halt all police legislation until the Democrats’ version of police reform is passed. This includes any changes or enhancements to federal death benefits or 9/11 legislation. Quote of the Week “Organized shoplifting has been around for a long time, but certainly not at the level we’re witnessing in New York and elsewhere. The penalty if caught is low, but the reward is high… This isn’t about bread like AOC will have you believe. It’s about opportunists taking advantage of decisions made in their favor thanks to the Mayor, City Council and Albany. It only gets worse from here.” - Retired NYPD sergeant Joseph Giacalone, now an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice regarding 22- year-old Isaac Rodriguez, who has been arrested 57 times thus far in 2021, including 37 times at the same Queens Walgreens. Yet another example of a career criminal who is exploiting the naivete of activists and legislators who continue to facilitate and enable their criminal conduct. This email is an automated notification, which is unable to receive replies. To send a comment to the NYSTPBA, please contact us at

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