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NYSTPBA Newsletter Message from NYSTPBA President Tom Mungeer The interest is up and the stock market's down And you only get mugged if you go downtown… 41 years later, Hank Williams Jr. is spot on again. Reforming Bail Reform For months now, the NYSTPBA has been offering our input to several politicians behind the scenes in an effort to help fix the many problems arising from the misguided bail reform measures enacted in 2019. It is welcome news to finally hear that Gov. Kathy Hochul has decided to take action, apparently as part of the budget process, and propose public safety changes. These changes include a measure that would give judges more discretion to order bail and detain criminal defendants for a host of additional crimes based on their criminal history, including repeat offenders. The 10-point plan also includes changes to the “Raise the Age” statute by granting judges the option to keep a case in criminal court. It appears that our collective voices have reached the highest levels. Now it remains to be seen what the finished product of the budget process looks like. Nov. 8 is getting closer by the day. I was contacted by a reporter from the Times Union newspaper of Albany and asked about Governor Hochul’s proposed changes to the bail laws, which were reported by another news outlet based on a memo that has not yet been released publicly by the governor’s office. My published comments are below: The Hochul administration has been quietly working on potential changes to the state's bail laws for weeks, if not months, according to Thomas Mungeer, president of the New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association. "It's a common sense change and one that's much needed," Mungeer said Thursday. Mungeer and his union have been pushing lawmakers, like other law enforcement groups, for similar changes during the legislative session, which began in January. He said he recently spoke about bail with multiple senators, including state Sen. James Gaughran, a Long Island Democrat. Gaughran, according to Mungeer, relayed information to Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin, who may have been involved in crafting the memo. Quote of the Week – I “I think it would be a bad mistake.” - Jay Jacobs, the chair of the New York Democratic Party, on reports this week that former Gov. Andrew Cuomo is seriously considering a primary run against Gov. Kathy Hochul. The Alternate Universe Quote “Pull your head out of the sand and make whatever changes you need to make to fix it and fix it now so people feel free to walk the streets.” - Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo yesterday criticizing politicians for not reforming the bail reform law he touted and signed into law in 2019. You, sir, are a duplicitous douchebag. I witnessed you basking in the glory of thunderous applause by these same politicians when you announced these ill-conceived ideas during your State of the State address. Now you attempt to wrap yourself in self-righteousness and try to distance yourself from their utter failure during your so-called comeback attempt? St. Patrick’s Day Parade Drama What’s the definition of a shameless opportunist? An attorney general - currently being sued by the NYSTPBA for her overreaching attempt to investigate our off-duty members - who doesn’t think twice about having her minion argue in front of a judge, with a straight face, during a bail hearing that our member is a flight risk and then jumps in and marches with the New York State Police contingent so she can be associated with the personification of law and order in an election year. I just threw up in my mouth. SUNY Brockport Fallout In last week’s newsletter, I referenced the asinine decision of SUNY Brockport to “educate” our children during a scheduled lecture next month by a convicted cop killer who was slated to talk about being a political prisoner. I received a lot of feedback about this topic, and I wanted to further share with you the press release (below) that we had issued. For Immediate Release: March 11, 2022 New York State Troopers PBA Outraged by Upcoming Speaker at SUNY Brockport The New York Troopers PBA strongly denounces the fact that SUNY Brockport, the proud alma mater of many of our active and retired members as well as their families, has scheduled a lecturer to speak at an upcoming conference who had been convicted in the murder of New York City Police Officers Waverly Jones and Joseph A. Piagentini. Advertising Jalil Muntaqim – aka Anthony Bottom – as a political prisoner while quietly ignoring any reference to his violent past and conviction is a further insult to the friends and families of the officers killed in the line of duty, as well as the entire New York City Police Department and the law enforcement community as a whole. On behalf of the 3,600 men and women who proudly wear the uniform of a New York State Trooper and 3,300 retirees, we demand President Dr. Heidi Macpherson rescind the invitation and issue an apology to the officers’ families. Our Resident Anti-Pension Douche Nozzle I see that our good friend (sarcasm) E.J. McMahon is back to his fear-mongering ways by using his worn-out catchphrases of “pension sweeteners” and “time bombs” in his attempt to try to sway the public into believing that public employees do not deserve a livable pension. Employed by the ultra-conservative New York-based Manhattan Institute for Policy Research - which is funded largely by major corporations and conservative foundations - McMahon has been a constant thorn in our side for years. The new target of his inflated rhetoric and manipulative misrepresentations is the push to amend the Tier 6 pension law. Utilizing his usual sounding board, the New York Post, McMahon’s op-ed entitled “Pray Hochul won’t cave to union calls for a big pension giveaway — at NY taxpayer expense” pretty much sums up his missive. Here is a small tidbit of his misleading comments - Tier 5 and 6 members, like their predecessors, can look forward to generous pension payouts free of state income tax and guaranteed by the state Constitution…. Instead of inviting unions to reach for sweeteners at the bargaining table, [Gov.] Hochul should push for more pension reform. Make no mistake, this asshole is not going away. His group is extremely well-funded and E.J. McMahon’s mandate is to try to eliminate the defined benefit pension system in New York state through whatever means possible, even it means he must distort a fact or two. As of this writing, there is still a concerted interest among many legislators in Albany to reform Tier 6, an idea energetically being pushed by unions such as the NYSTPBA. I will keep you updated when there is a more concise direction of where this movement is going and provide more details when they are available. Removing More Tools from the Toolbox The New York State Assembly has passed a bill that would eliminate illegal window stickers and obstructed view as a primary reason for a traffic stop. If passed by the Senate and then signed by the Governor, they would become secondary violations enforceable only after being stopped for something else such as a moving violation. "This legislation will help reduce the number of unnecessary traffic stops that too often target people of color and do little to make our streets safer," said Assemblywoman Taylor Darling. Heck, let’s make this interesting and toss in seatbelt violations also. Oh, that’s right, the BUNY Detail is too much of a revenue generator for the state. (*Disclaimer - it also saves countless lives.) Quote of the Week – II Americans changed their clocks at 2 a.m. this Sunday, and hopefully the sun is setting on this dated practice. There should be no daylight between the House and Senate on this issue. Times have changed, and this commonsense legislation will end a disorienting and tired tradition. Making daylight saving time permanent could help reduce energy costs and seasonal depression, and I encourage the House to pass this bill before the clock runs out. - U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand on the Senate’s passing of the Sunshine Protection Act that would make daylight savings time permanent. The bill now goes to the House of Representatives. This Week’s Sign that the Apocalypse is Upon Us With people dying every day in Ukraine, one of the biggest stories of the week was the fact that Wordle players complained the puzzle's daily answer the other day had too many possible options for the first letter, causing many to guess incorrectly and break their winning streaks. One player wrote on Twitter: 'This is the worst day of my life. i am quitting wordle.” I must admit that when I first saw this story I had to Google “Wordle” to see what the hell it even was. C’mon, people! Get your heads out of your derrières. Funny Shit How would you like to be the guy who outbid 23 other people to win Tom Brady’s last touchdown ball he threw in the NFC divisional playoff game in January for $518,628 only to find out he’s coming back to play next season? Poor Jussie - Always the Victim Chicago’s top prosecutor, Kim Foxx, said the justice system failed disgraced actor Jussie Smollett, who was sentenced to 150 days in jail for staging a hate hoax crime. She further said the court proceedings at his Thursday sentencing amounted to “mob justice” and a politically motivated “kangaroo prosecution.” Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. This email is an automated notification, which is unable to receive replies. To send a comment to the NYSTPBA, please contact us at

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