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Minutes Of The State Board - 11/13/2021

Association of Former New York State Troopers

MINUTES of the State Board

Meeting Date: November 13, 2021

Chapters (7) and Members (17) Attending: See attached file

Call to Order: A regular meeting of the State Board of the AFNYST was held at Jake's Grub & Grog, 7 E River Rd, Central Square, NY. The meeting convened at 12:19 P.M, President Michael Doney presiding, and was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a moment of silence for our departed Members.

Reading and Approval of Minutes: Motion to waive the reading of and approve the minutes of the September 18, 2021 was made by Pat Gleason and seconded. Motion carried.

Officer’s Reports:

President Doney:

  1. Reported on the arrest of Trooper Christopher Baldner for murder as the result of a V&T stop, pursuit and use of force which resulted in the death of a child who was a passenger in the vehicle. Trooper Baldner was also denied bail. Mike reported on discussions with PBA Liaison, Fred Scheidt about the Signal 30 Fund and a possible new Signal 30 Defense Fund. Mike also read out a letter from PBA President Tom Mungeer. (See attached) An extract regarding donating to Tpr Baldner’s defense is reprinted here:

The New York State Trooper PBA Signal 30 Benefit Fund is accepting donations on behalf of Trooper Baldner and his family. To donate click here and in the line for “Specific fundraising event or in memory of” please type in the words “Trooper Baldner.” In addition, you can write a check to the Signal 30 Benefit Fund and in the memo line write “Trooper Baldner” and mail it to: New York State Trooper PBA Signal 30 Benefit Fund, 48 Howard St., Albany, NY 12207.

Mike then asked for a motion to donate to Tpr Baldner’s defense fund. (see New Business)

  1. Read out an email from PBA Liaison Fred Scheidt. (See attached)

  2. Advised that he is continuing to receive requests for AFNYST license plates through the DMV website. Some have been questionable but have been vetted appropriately. Also advised that Mike Wells will be named the alternate approval authority, replacing Bill Murray.

  3. Advised that he still has 40 NYSP facemasks left. Please contact Mike if interested.

Vice-President: Absent

Treasurer: Absent. A motion to waive the reading of and approve the Treasurer's report was made and seconded. Motion carried.

Secretary: Secretary Murray advised that the transition of records to the new secretary, Mike Wells has been completed and that Mike will be handling the secretary duties for the remainder of year as well.

Bill also thanked the Association for their support for him over the past 12 years. At this point, President Doney presented Bill with a plaque in recognition and appreciation of his 12 years of service as Secretary. He also presented a cake which was enjoyed by all!

Board and Committee Reports: None.

Old Business: Fund to Assist Retired Members 09/18/2021 Charlie Simmons (CD Chapter) presented an idea of establishing a fund that would assist retired Troopers and their families in a time of need. This would necessitate the forming a nonprofit separate from the Association with its own directors and function on a statewide basis. Terry Sutton noted that Niagara has a similar plan (Helping Hands) in place focusing on children and is quite successful. No motion made at this time with a decision to continue to gather information on proceeding with the idea.

11/13/2021 Terry Sutton (Niagara Chapter) advised that the Helping Hands organization met and decided to keep their organization tied to the AFNYST Niagara Chapter and not to expand the statewide AFNYST. Bill Murray reported that the CD Chapter favored a Signal 30 type fund specifically for retirees.Discussion centered on seeking to form a separate fund or exploring the option of expanding retiree access to Signal 30 funds. It was noted that PBA Liaison Fred Scheidt was actively pursuing this with the PBA Board. No motions were made on the matter at this time. Carried over.

New Business: None

Good and Welfare: It was reported that former Superintendent Jim McMahon was feeling well and attended a recent meeting.

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be held on Saturday, March 26, 2022. Location TBD.

Adjournment: Motion to adjourn was made and seconded. Motion carried.

State Board Minutes_2021-11-13
Download PDF • 1.60MB

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