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Minutes of the State Board meeting of April 24, 2021

Minutes of the State Board meeting of April 24, 2021

Meeting called to order at 12:00 noon by President Doney. He opened with the pledge of allegiance and followed with a moment of silence for our deceased members.

In attendance:

President Mike Doney

VP Louie Lang

Treasurer John Odell

Secretary Bill Murray

PBA Rep. Fred Scheidt

Batavia – Gary Hammond, Henry Haas

Black Horse- Bill Boulio, Marty Weigel

Capital- Pat Gleason

Finger Lakes- Dave Treat

Niagra- Terry Sutton, Kathleen Pawlak, John Loncher

Southern Tier- Bill Dobbs, Joe Slavin

Central NY- Ken Kotwas

Motion by Dave Treat to waive the reading of the previous meeting minutes. Seconded and carried.

By President Doney

Mike noted receipt of a letter from Bob Cronin requesting our support for the annual bicycle ride, Tour de Force. Motion by Pat Gleason to donate $200. Seconded and carried.

He is in receipt of a letter from the Superintendants office inviting him to the Memorial Day service and awards program. Attendance is again limited this year.

Mike noted that the current PBA magazine has an article about the Association. John Odell noted that to date, he has seen limited response to the article and requested consideration to reprint in the next Gray Rider.

He reported that the IRS has cleared and recertified our not for profit status.

He also noted that he is still receiving requests for our license plates.

As a reminder, Mike noted that all should review and keep current your beneficiary current with the retirement system.

By Secretary Murray

Noted that the latest issue of the Gray Rider is out. For clarification he noted that the mailing list is maintained by the Secretary and address changes should be sent there. Ms. Lyons should receive article submissions.

He advised that he no longer receives the listing of retires from Division due to concerns with ID and the recent discovery changes. To assist recruiting new members, all should try to contact recent retirees to join.

He also noted that he does not intend to run for office again.

By Treasurer Odell

John presented and reviewed the financial reports for November through March. Motion by Terry Sutton to accept them as presented. Seconded and carried.

By PBA representative Fred Scheidt

Fred noted that there may be an opportunity in the future to work towards a cola increase.

Dave Treat noted the passing at age 92 of Bill Schenke. Bill is a past president of the Association.

Pat Gleason noted the proactive nature of our current PBA representative and the fact that he is very active in the Association. He then made a motion that the position of PBA representative be made a voting member of the State Board. Since this requires structural change, motion tabled until the next meeting and will also be published separately.

Next meeting set for June 19th, location to be determined.

Motion to adjourn by Bill Dobbs. Seconded and carried.

By Bill Murray


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