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Minutes of the State Board meeting of September 18, 2021

Minutes of the State Board meeting of September 18, 2021 - The meeting was called to order by President Doney who opened with the pledge of allegiance and followed with a moment of silence for our departed members. In Attendance President Mike Doney, Vice President excused, Treasurer John Odell, Secretary Bill Murray, PBA Rep Fred Scheidt, Batavia - Gary Hammond, Black Horse – Marty Weigel, Capital District – Charlie Simmons, Mike Wells, Central NY – George Hopper, Don Barker, Ed Rood, Finger Lakes – Dave Treat, Long Island – Neil Heffernan, Niagra Frontier – Terry Sutton, John Loncher, Southern Tier – Bill Dobbs, Joe Slavin. Motion by Terry Sutton to accept the minutes of the preceding meeting as published. Seconded and carried. President Doney Noted that he continues to receive application for our license plates. Treasurer Odell: Presented the Treasurers reports for June, July and August. Motion from Gary Hammond to accept them as printed. From Mike Doney – he noted that discussion with John disclosed that his printer had failed while printing the reports and suggested replacement. Motion from Dave Treat for the Treasurer to replace the printer with a cost not to exceed $500. Seconded and carried. PBA Rep Scheidt Reported receipt of information that some insurance coverage from NY would not be in effect in Florida. This pertains to Cleveland Clinic attempting to negotiate a new contract with United Healthcare. Failure to reach an agreement would move coverage to out of network provider. (more costly) . aside: I will update this when information becomes available. Election Committee report from Chairman Dave Treat – Committee has recommended officers as President Mike Doney, Vice President Louie Lang, Treasurer John Odell and Secretary Clerk Mike Wells. President Doney opened the floor for nominations with none received. Motion from Bill Dobbs that the nominations be closed and the secretary be directed to cast a ballot for the presented slate. Seconded and carried. One vote for the named slate cast. Charlie Simmons presented an idea of establishing a fund that would assist retired Troopers and their families in a time of need. This would necessitate the forming a nonprofit separate from the Association with its own directors and function on a statewide basis. Terry Sutton noted that Niagra has a similar plan in place focusing on children and is quite successful. No motion made at this time with a decision to continue to gather information on proceeding with the idea. Dave Treat questioned the COLA amount this year – was advised it will be 1.6%. John reminded all of his email regarding request for supplies. He noted that his original timeline fails as many Chapters will not have elections by that date. He will attempt to process early orders and have them available at the November meeting and later orders will be mailed. If you can advise him of membership card and decal need ASAP, he can place that order. Next meeting set for November 13 at Riverside By Bill Murray Secretary/Clerk Added: This was my last meeting as Secretary and Mike Wells has agreed to take the November meeting for me. I have some surgery upcoming in October. It has been a pleasure with a few headaches over the last 12 years and has left me with many friends. Thanks to all who have helped me over the years.

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