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Niagara Frontier Chapter November Newsletter 2021

The Regular Monthly Meeting of the Niagara Frontier Chapter of the Former New York State Troopers was held on Wednesday November 3, 2021 at Magruder's Restaurant, located at 4995 Broadway Avenue in Depew, NY. Meeting was called to order by President Terry Sutton at 8:00 PM and was followed by a Pledge of Allegiance to Our Flag and a Moment of Silence for Our Sick and Departed Members and for Those Brave Men and Women in Our Armed Forces Serving Our Country and Those on the Front Lines Fighting the Covid Pandemic. President: President Terry Sutton asked if members were receiving the monthly emails, death notifications, and various informational emails that were being electronically sent to members. Motion was made by John Ciccone to accept the minutes of the October meeting as sent to each member by e-mail. Motion seconded by Tom Rash. Vice President: Vice President John Loncher thanked everyone for attending tonight's meeting and wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Treasurer: Treasurer Lloyd Schwab read the financial report for November 2021. A motion to accept the report was made by Denise Jason and seconded by Bob Bruso. Notes: There were 29 members in attendance at the November monthly meeting. Split Club was won by Curt Blizzard Minutes from the State Board Meeting in September were emailed to chapter members. The minutes can also be found in the Gray Rider. The Next State Board Meeting is scheduled for Saturday November 13, 2022 in the Syracuse area. Terry Sutton and John Loncher will attend the meeting. Plans are to obtain the 2022 membership renewal cards and stickers. 2022 Renewals will be mailed once supplies are received. There is a special form for lifetime membership. Regular yearly renewals will receive a membership registration card in the mail. The completed membership registration card and $15 yearly dues should be mailed back to the address listed. Then the member will be mailed a membership business card and sticker. Lifetime members will receive a membership registration card, membership business card, and sticker. Lifetime members need only return the completed membership registration card. There is no need for members to send a voluntary donation. There will be an Emergency Contact added to the registration card. The Gray Rider Newsletter for April – September 2021 has been sent out via email. Hard copies will be available at the next meeting and the Christmas Party from the chapter secretary. December Christmas Party will be held on Friday December 10, 2021 at the Grapevine Banquets located at 333 Dick Road, Depew. Get Your Tickets!! Paid reservation by November 26, 2021 A Thank you letter was received for the generous gift of $100 donation to support the athletes of the Special Olympics Polar Plunge New York. “Thank You for being one of our game changers!!” The SWFARTS luncheon was held at the Sea-Craft Dockside Tiki, 3440 Marinatown Lane, N Fort Myers, Florida on Wednesday November 10, 2021 at noon. The next luncheon will be held on Wednesday December 8, 2021 at noon. Please contact if you plan to attend. The Naples Florida St Patrick's Day Parade will be held on Saturday March 12, 2022. All Active and Retired members and civilian staff are welcome to join in on the fun. Dan Regini retired Troop L will again be coordinating the order for shirts and hats attire for the newcomers. Election of the Officers for the Niagara Chapter was held. The secretary casted one vote for the current slate of officers. Cheers to Another Year! Discussion was held concerning changing the location of the monthly meeting place. The response was positive from members at the meeting and email correspondence. Bill Gethoefer motioned that the new location for the meeting will be the Lancaster Moose Club. Motion seconded by Ken Chodkowski. All in Favor? - Yes Dave Overhauf volunteered for bartender duty at the next monthly meeting. Nina Johnson made the motion and was seconded by Scott Folster to accept the application of Toney Palmer. Welcome aboard to our newest member!! A motion for the local monthly charity donation of $100 was made by Kevin Enser and seconded by John McGee for the Batavia Cemetery – Western New York cemeteries Council. Make a New Year’s Resolution to attend at least one regular monthly meeting and reconnect with fellow members and friends. Carpooling may be available. Just reach out and ask! Happy Birthday: The following members will celebrate another birthday during the month of December. Please Take a Minute to Wish Them All a Very Happy Birthday!! Thomas Anticola 73, James Bak 78, Larry Cichocki 70, Joseph DePlato 65, Larry Glascott 83, Jack Gleason 77, Philip Harris 68, Clyde Haupt 81, Susan Kasniak 51, Thomas Kozacki 76, Michael Kozlowski 62, Ron Kucinski 82, Charlene Mahoney 62, Joseph Mullins 79, Ron Nero 64, Joseph Orszulak 78, Bernard Pitass 75, Gerald Wienckowski 75, Wesley Wilson 80, Gregory Wildridge 84, Linda Patronik Helping Hands: Annual Meeting for the Helping Hands was held at the November Monthly Meeting. Secretary casted one vote for the election of the current Board Members. Members are Bill Curtin, Jack Meegan, John Loncher, Don Munch, Terry Sutton. Financial Officer Bill Curtin gave a detailed report which included annuities, stocks, liquid assets, payments, contributions and financial standings. Rules are in place for the broker, stock funds, and signing of checks. Dave Groblewski made a motion to accept the financial report given and was seconded by Tom Stoffer. Further Discussion were on the criteria and guidelines for Wishes. The antique brochure will be undated by Terry. A Thank You to Don Munch and his wife Kim who personally delivered the check along with Best Wishes from the Niagara Chapter to the home of Trooper Paul Stedman and Melinda for their infant son in need of a liver transplant. Possibilty of 2 teenage patients from Roswell Park needing wishes. Motion was made by Dick Bizub and seconded by Kevin Jordan to end the business meeting. Good and Welfare: Thinking of You cards can be sent to Ken Troidl who has been at the Beachwood Nursing Home for 2 years. Michael J. McDermott the special son of the late retired Z/Sgt James F. McDermott has passed away. 250 CLUB: 8 tickets are unsold and available for the Limited 250 Club. Five Weeks of Winning Numbers were Drawn at the November Meeting: Week # 15 $25 250 Suzanne Schilling $15 090 Thomas Sutton $10 141 Georgia Kusmierczyk Week # 16 $25 157 Eddie Scott $15 244 Ken Black $10 030 Jack Meegan Week # 17 $25 142 Gerald Weiss $15 032 David Sutton $10 200 Larue Kirchberger Week # 18 $25 243 Michael Niezgoda $15 128 Sue Howard $10 094 Frank Broderick Week # 19 $25 032 David Sutton $15 185 Nancy Widdowson $10 101 Victor Morales Congratulations to All the Lucky Winners!! Checks are in the Mail Final Drawing of the Limited 250 Club LVXXXII will be at the Christmas Party May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor! Dates to Remember: Friday December 10, 2021 Niagara Chapter Annual Christmas Party $35.00 per person paid reservation by Friday November 26, 2021 Grapevine Banquets 333 Dick Road, Depew, NY 14043 Open Bar 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Dinner 7:00 PM Roast beef, breaded pork chops, seasoned vegetables and potatoes, house salad, rolls, specialty cake, coffee, tea, pop Make check payable to: Niagara Frontier Chapter Former Troopers Mail check to: Association of Former New York State Troopers PO BOX 328 Cheektowaga, NY 14225 Questions?? Contact Terry Sutton 716-704-9866 Wednesday January 19, 2022 PLEASE NOTE!! The Next Scheduled Monthly Meeting of the Niagara Frontier Chapter of the Former NYS Troopers will be held at the Depew Lancaster Moose Lodge located at 5437 Broadway Avenue, Lancaster at 7:30 PM. March 31, April 1, 2, 2022 Florida Association of Retired Troopers Annual Reunion Marriott Residence Inn Daytona Beach Shores Oceanfront website: Final Patrol: Tpr Matthew C. Neeson 77, Z/Sgt Edward George Knox 81, Warren Albert Meinzer 70, John H. Kohland 84, Regina M. Robbins 70, Sgt Paul E. Sucher 77, Cpt Gerald E. Looney 85, Jerome S. “Jerry” DeLong 89, May They All Rest in Peace. Motion to Adjourn at 8:35 PM made by Frank Panek and seconded by Ed Qualey Meeting Adjourned for Refreshments of chicken wings, pizza, beer and pop Hoping Everyone Enjoys a Happy Thanksgiving!! Respectfully Submitted, Kathleen M. Pawlak Secretary

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