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NYS Public Employee Conference Update

NYSTPBA Newsletter NYS Public Employee Conference Update Recently, representatives of the NYSTPBA attended the annual meeting of the New York State Public Employee Conference (PEC). I would like to share some of the highlights from the conference that pertain to our membership. PEC represents more than 1 million New York state public employees, and this overall sentiment was very clear statewide: NYSTPBA Treasurer Charles W. Murphy, NYSTPBA Second Vice President/Legislative Director Jason F. Sheridan and NYSTPBA Acting President Andrew C. Davis The employees of every public employee union in New York state are united to fix retirement Tier 6, with the goal of making it more fair for all members. Currently more than 50% of all public employees are in Tier 6 and that number will increase to more than 70% in next few years. We will form a statewide tier equity committee that will be led by the NYSTPBA and our legislative team. The entire NYSTPBA Board of Directors is unanimous in prioritizing corrections to Tier 6. I have asked the following delegates - who have been exceptionally eager to address the Tier 6 equality issues - to join me in the committee: Troop L Delegate Peter Nunziata, Troop E Delegate Justin Prusak, Troop A Delegate Mike Catanzaro and Troop NYC Delegate Josh Kaye. The efforts will be focused on changing contribution amounts, limiting the time an employee must pay into Tier 6 and removing caps. I am confident that with the backing of 1 million state workers, we will be successful in this endeavor. It should also be noted that Gov. Kathy Hochul recently vetoed our maternity bill. It appears that we will have to find another way to help the Governor reach her goal of a 30% female NYSP membership by 2030. We will continue to work on this and get it done for our membership. Please contact me if you have any questions. Jason Sheridan Second Vice President/Legislative Director

The Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers 120 State St. Albany, New York 12207 (518) 462-7448

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