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NYSTPBA Retiree Liaison Update

NYST PBA/AFNYST/FARTS Update – 12/13/21


I hope you are in the Holiday spirit and all is well with you and yours. I have some information to share as I attended the most recent NYSTPBA Board meeting.

As you know this is a difficult time for Law Enforcement. I encourage all to support LE in any legal way we can. This may be the time for all to turn into the wind and as good citizens get involved, let our feelings be known and continue to help our state and country move forward and do more and better. In addition to being the NYSTPBA Retiree Liaison I have been elected to another volunteer post of President of the AFNYST – Capital District Chapter. I will be talking directly to chapter members to see what they think about being politically active.

A number of items discussed at the meeting have been addressed by PBA President Mungeer, therefore, I will not rehash those.

  1. A new cell phone program was offered to the PBA. It may be available to retirees. The PBA will be evaluating it. More to follow.

  1. Attorney Alex Dell spoke about worker’s compensation issues. Alex has representing me on matter’s of this sort. He is one of the people I contact when a member contacts me with WTC issues and he has been very helpful. There were two take aways for me while listening to his remarks. First, there are many areas that workers comp might be involved in that we (as lay people) may not think of, and second you should always report (document) all instances of harm (even if you are not sure at the time if it will be covered) and contact an attorney that does worker’s comp matters.

  1. The NYSTPBA will host the National Troopers Coalition picnic in Buffalo in September of 2022.

  1. Attorney Steve Denigris advises that the Health Insurance lawsuit has gone to the Appellate Court.

  1. The Signal 30 Fund has amassed approximately 7.3 million to date. The Fund gave out approximately $600,000.00 last year. The Fund does give money to retirees and retired Trooper and S-30 member Gordy Wornock stated they are looking into ways to gather more money for retirees, set aside some for that purpose and establish guidelines. Gordy asked that if possible, retirees contribute to this purpose. Recently, I received a check for $2,500.00 for the S-30 Fund from a Albany business person who has been a long supporter of the Troopers. At the last meeting of the CD Chapter of the AFNYST $1,000.00 was donated to the S-30 for Trooper Baldner. I believe we are stronger together and hope that if we continue to work together we will all benefit.

  1. It appears our Health Insurance costs will be increasing.

  1. The VSF has reached 20.8 million. It is now expected that he first disbursement will be received in January of 2024.

Respectfully Yours

Frederick W Scheidt

NYSTPBA Retiree Liaison

President of the CD Chapter of the AFNYST

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