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Updates from NYSTPBA President Tom Mungeer 2022-03-11

NYSTPBA Newsletter Updates from NYSTPBA President Tom Mungeer Trooper Tamar Bucci I was with Pat McNamara, president of the State Police Association of Massachusetts, yesterday and he wanted me to convey to you, on behalf of his membership and the family of Trooper Tamar Bucci, his thanks for the presence of New York State Troopers at her funeral on Wednesday. Up in Smoke New York's Office of Cannabis Management posted proposed regulations for licensing cannabis dispensaries on Wednesday. The only catch? To be one of the state’s first licensed retailers, you or a member of your family must have been convicted of a marijuana-related offense. Additionally, Gov. Kathy Hochul wants to create a $200 million fund to invest in these aforementioned entrepreneurs. Welcome to New York state. Work hard, keep your nose clean and be guaranteed a second-place finish. Just Like a Monkey Trying to F#@k a Coconut It should be interesting to watch the impending battle between progressive New York City officials and upstate environmental advocates over the proposed Champlain Hudson Power Express. Since New York City has decided they will abruptly curtail their reliance on fossil fuels, and nuclear energy is a forbidden word, their answer is a 339-mile hydropower transmission line that will deliver Canadian hydropower to the city at an increased cost of billions of dollars. The Apostle Cuomo During his first public appearance at a church in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, last Sunday, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo railed for 20 minutes and laid out the same defense of his behavior that he’s held over the past several months but assured the audience he’s been leaning on scripture in a difficult time because “God isn’t finished with me yet.” Insert smart-ass comment here _____________ On the other hand, maybe he has a point. In the latest poll on the New York governor's race, he only trails Governor Hochul by 4 percentage points among likely Democratic primary voters – 37 to 33 percent - with a 4.3 percent margin of error. God may not be finished with him yet, but God help the rest of us. This Week’s Sign that the Apocalypse is Upon Us The first kick in the nuts came last fall when New York state, through the dysfunctional Parole Board, made the audacious decision to parole Anthony Bottom, who had been serving a life sentence for the ambush and murder of New York City Police Officers Waverly Jones and Joseph A. Piagentini on May 21, 1971. Now, SUNY Brockport has decided that this convicted cop killer is fit to “educate” our children during a scheduled lecture next month about, of all things, being a political prisoner. Shame on you SUNY Brockport President Dr. Heidi Macpherson. Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? A picture has surfaced of former Gov. George Pataki, clad in a New York State Police jacket, touring a hospital on the Ukraine-Hungary border, where he led a delegation to provide humanitarian relief to Ukrainian refugees. Reminiscing about the good old days.

Final Note Sounds of “Play Ball!” will soon be echoing across the nation as Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association reached an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement on Thursday, paving the way for the 2022 regular season to begin on April 7. Go Yankees! This email is an automated notification, which is unable to receive replies. To send a comment to the NYSTPBA, please contact us at

The Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers 120 State St. Albany, New York 12207 (518) 462-7448

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